What is a 404 error anyway?!

Let our team take the headache out of managing your system. Technology is only great when it works, so our team of experts will ensure that it does just that.

Because we have seen it all, we prepare for it all!

What We Offer

Advanced Firewall

Advanced firewall to keep your data safe and secure while regularly scanning for malware

System Updates

Regular WordPress updates (core, theme, and plugins) to keep your site running smooth

Off-Site Backups

Secure off-site backups in the cloud for your peace of mind

On-Demand Support

Included support minutes for upgrades and improvements to your site (a)

Performance Tweaks

Performance tuning to ensure your site is running at peak performance (b)

(a) Website upgrades and improvements are included Business (60 mins.), and Advance (120 mins.) plans.

(b) Basic performance improvements are included with our Business and Advance Plan.
Additional fine-tuning is included in our Advanced plan.
Performance improvements are not always guaranteed due to platform and server limitations

Maintenance Plans


Personal website & blogs


Small/Medium size businesses



Large business and eCommerce


* Monthly plan pricing shown above applies to new customers signing up to a minimum term of 6 months as per our terms of service.
eCommerce, Membership, LMS, and websites with advanced functionality must join the Advanced plan.

Management plans do not include any applicable license costs that may be necessary to update certain themes and plugins.

Take Back
Your Weekend

No one likes that smonday feeling.

That dreaded anxiety, anxiousness, and armpit sweat that starts to creep into your Sunday afternoon, reminding you what’s waiting for you Monday morning. That long list of “I’ll get to that next week” items that were already pushed off two weeks. And that project that was somehow on track, but now has your team scrambling to meet the deadline.

Let Smonday Studios cure your weekend woes,
and take back your weekend - your whole weekend!


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